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Eldridge Handcrafted Leather Bifold Wallet Slim


Eldridge Handcrafted Leather Bifold Wallet Slim

Crafted out of premium quality leather, these wallets fit the bill.  Eldridge Leather Bifold Wallet Slim offers a minimalist design fit for classy men. This slim bifold leather wallet will be the final touch for your style.
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Specifications 6 Cards Stored
1 YEAR Warranty
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Each product is uniquely handmade and finished by hand.

Handmade by professionally skilled craftsmen, this premium leather wallet has exquisite finishing and is highly durable and long-lasting. The leather ages beautifully giving it a unique design only increasing its value over time. While a black leather bifold wallet is timeless, you can also choose from some of the more trendy options available to suit your style.

Sustainable and non-toxic

LWG certified leather is your conscientious choice towards a greener tomorrow. Available in a number of trendy colours, thus, a minimalist slim bifold wallet is a sophisticated style statement for you. The compact frame forms a negligible profile in your wallet giving you a sleek and classy look while keeping your essential items safe. This contemporary designed premium leather product is a must-have style accessory for every man.

High-end, premium quality leather

The vertical fold design ensures quick access to cards and cash while keeping them protected. With a lightweight and easy to carry design, this makes for a perfect travel companion as well. You can easily slide into your pockets or bags and whip out when needed without any hassle.